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Situated in the south of the Adriatic, Montenegro, often called the pearl of the Mediterranean, is unique in so many ways. There is no better place where you'll find such natural wealth and beauty. With breathtaking beaches, crystal clear lakes and picturesque mountains, there is no limit to what activities you can relish. Wake up along the beautiful Adriatic coast, enjoy a breezy walk in the Montenegrin mountains, and have a sumptuous dinner on the banks of the Skadar Lake.

Dobra Voda

Also known as "Good Waters", is located between the Ulcinj and Bar coastal towns, and is the perfect destination for families and adults alike. This beautiful bay is one of the largest tourist destinations over the coastline, and is not only filled with beautiful, serene nature, but encompasses a rich culture, friendly service, and thriving nightlife.

Dobrota – Kotor Bay

Intimate and idyllic, Dobrota, meaning graciousness in Montenegrin, has a surprisingly rich maritime history and splendid churches such as The Church of St. Elijah from the 11th century, The Church of St. Eustace, and The Church of St. Matthew with marble altars and Giovanni Bellini’s famed "Madonna and Child".


Ulcinj offers a sensory feast of sounds and sights, and its citadel, whitewashed mosques, cobblestone streets, mind-blowing vistas and exotic eastern vibes will whisk you back to ancient times.

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