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At SENSIMAR Kalamota Island Resort guests are courted with nature, assisted by surroundings that provide a full experience of a well-deserved holiday. The property and professional staff are intertwined to stimulate all senses, pastimes and leisure pursuits. The resort is located on a beach that extends to the little village and port, offering seclusion and ample space for the guests that wish to retain their peace. SENSIMAR Kalamota Island Resort is perfect for adults who choose to be pampered in nature. Active relaxation in intimate surroundings is what awaits the guests.

Only 30 minutes by boat from Dubrovnik, Kolocep Island is a top kayaking, snorkeling and diving spot due to its numerous caves and untouched water life, all within your grasp, cleverly secluded and preserved for centuries to the elation of our guests. Kolocep, or rather Kalamota Island is a small 1 square mile traffic-free island with only 160 friendly inhabitants. Surrounded by crystal clear waters and dense scenery of pines, groves with meandering paths together with the friendly fauna symphony concur the setting for its ancient Greek name kalos niktos – beautiful nights.

Sensimar Kalamota Island Resort

Set in wood and nature inspired colors

SENSIMAR Kalamota Island Resort, formerly known as Hotel Villas Kolocep had an overall and complete renovation in 2013/2014. All rooms and suites of the beachfront property are set in wood and nature inspired colors with contemporary and detailed facilities. Total number of rooms is 144.

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Dining can be a breathtakingly beautiful experience

Dining can be a breathtakingly beautiful experience at SENSIMAR Kalamota Island Resort. Above the pool, looking out onto Donje Celo Bay and the mountains of the mainland, you have a choice of sitting in the cool air-conditioned comfort of the interior dining room or outside on the open-air terrace lulled by the sea breeze.

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Close to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, or the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, is a 30-minute boat journey from Kolocep. As you approach Port Gruz harbour, the iconic Medieval city walls hove into view. Inside are fairytale palaces, churches and monasteries, plus a guidebook full of shops and restaurants.

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