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Elaphiti Islands are the most southern and among the most beautiful islands. Situated near Dubrovnik, sometimes called the Dubrovnik Archipelago, Elaphiti Islands are a blend of amazing nature, culture and friendly local people. Green protected nature parks are ideal for walking almost year around, which is due to the mild Mediterranean climate and good ferry connection with Dubrovnik. The pathways of Kolocep, the most enchanting of them all, take you along the scenic coastline, historical sites with Pre-Romanesque chapels, charming fishing villages, olive and orange groves, vineyards, forest, steep cliffs, caves and coves.

Dubrovnik, or the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, is a 30-minute boat journey from Kolocep. As you approach Port Gruz harbour, the iconic medieval city walls hove into view. Inside are fairytale palaces, churches and monasteries, plus a guidebook full of shops and restaurants. Stradun, the old town’s main artery, brims with stylish bars. This is where people head when night falls.

The Pearl of the Adriatic remains surrounded in the grandeur of the Renaissance and boasts centuries’ old merchant power heritage. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage site packed with hotels, restaurants, urban joie de vivre with a scent of pine and the sound of the sea utterly enchanted in the Mediterranean Magic.


SENSIMAR Kalamota Island Resort,
Donje Celo Bay, Kolocep,
Dubrovnik, Croatia,




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+385 (0)20 312 150

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