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The Adriatic, separating Europe’s largest mountain ranges and holding over 1,300 islands, is a true sensory explosion, and Karisma Hotels & Resorts contemporary hotels are right in the center of it all, stretched along the Makarska Riviera, fairylike Riviera of Dubrovnik of Croatia, and the stunning Bar Riviera of the Montenegrin Coast. These extraordinary places offer superior holiday experiences for couples, catering to any romantic vision imaginable. SENSIMAR Adriatic Beach Resort, SENSIMAR Makarska and SENSIMAR Kalamota Island Resort offer adults a unique twist on holidays, while Wind Rose by Karisma basks in unforgettable activities and colorful surroundings. Come and you will create unforgettable memories.

Makarska Riviera is full of secluded coves, hidden beaches, delicate flowers and endless fields of fresh organic yield. It is here you can walk alongside rugged rocks and relish the sun reflecting in the azure Adriatic or find sanctuary in the pine forest the second you need a bit of shade. The shores of Dalmatia are amongst Europe’s most dramatic shorelines, boasting some of the highest mountain peaks on the Mediterranean, and it is these towering mountains that hide the impressive archaeological sites of Roman mysteries and preserved towns that hold vivid examples of Greek, Roman, Venetian, and Slavic architecture. The coast miraculously escaped the concrete era of new times and left the nature to take lead. Sun seekers and inquisitive minds alike will be in awe of Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic. This gem offers history and charming activities in abundance, and quainter towns and villages of the Dubrovnik Riviera pose similar aura of enigmatic medieval rampart that is easily upstaged by the tempting Adriatic, the hues of the sunset, the sheltered gardens, the underwater mysteries and the buoyant bays. The beaches in Croatia are a part of the maritime domain, thus even though our hotels are dedicated to adults, children are allowed on all the beaches in Croatia. Lord Byron called Montenegro’s coastline the planet’s ‘most beautiful encounter between the land and the sea’. Not surprisingly, visitors to Montenegro, similarly as to Croatia are lured to its golden beaches studded with fishing villages, glitzy modern marinas and buzzing old towns.

Karisma Adriatic is dedicated to the environment and maritime protection and thus selects destinations abundant in natural beauty and the large number of attractive destinations demand that public services take an integral approach to beach management.

Croatia and Montenegro will enchant you with crystal clear water, scenic coastline and joie de vivre!


Step into the unspoiled, inviting Adriatic, close your eyes and let your soul soar in one of the world’s most beautiful seas hiding pirate treasures.


Try cheese once eaten by Italian royalty, notice the almond and citrus notes in Makarski rafioli and Makarana cakes, that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, take a bite of the local prosciutto, savor Dalmatian olive oil and you will know the real taste of the Mediterranean.


Croatia boasts 64 indigenous grape varieties, so expect to be presented with a varied and complex list of opulent, elegant but unpretentious vines perfect for celebration.


Startlingly blue sea, cypress trees hiding endearing fauna, alluring spotless beaches, the warm wind in your hair… get lost in Croatia’s nature and find your true self.
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